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AstroCenter -- A slick site, but when I compared its prediction to the others I did on the same day it was the most downbeat telling me to rest a lot. I suspect this is a great site for people who are looking for encouragement to relax a lot. Detroit News Horoscope -- Wonder why newspapers in this country are in decline?

Look no further. Actually this is the Sydney Omaar syndicated Horoscope found in newspapers across the country. Classic vague readings from Omaar. Very meaning for people who like to read too much into everything. At the bottom I love the disclaimer, "Should be read for entertainment. Short comments designed to get you to buy more stuff. Christopher Renstrom SF Chronicle -- Short vague, Chinese-Proverb-like approach that matches nothing else anyone else says or predicts. Easy access, readable.

Listed under "Fun. Horoscope Universe -- This site has four different star rankings for you and a short horoscope jammed with stuff for sale. Scopes-Mart -- Fast, easy, to-the-point. This is a good no frills site with interesting results B. Rocky Horoscope LA Weekly -- Another to-the-point straightforward 'scope written with the alternative media audience in mind, dude.

Daily Horoscopes -- These seem thin to me, throwaway stuff. No real appeal when compared to the rest of the pack.


Using kind of the riddle concept, a fairly standard site for this sort of thing. Seems advice-oriented. Responsive site. A very old-fashioned newspaper style horoscope. IndaAstro -- Vedic-based astrology. I was told to eat more vegetables today. How's that for a daily reading?

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With a flash pop-up and other annoyances, this site should be avoided. The "scope seems to be a simple one-liner of little import. Then again, maybe that's best, but probably not for mavens. Adze MiXXe -- This comes from some guy whose name appears to be a graffiti tag.

Kind of too general and vague to be interesting. Lively site though. Rob Brezsney's Freewill Astrology -- Aphorisms seem to be the key to this site and constant promotion of other products. I found it boring. Horoscope Magazine UK -- I didn't know there was a whole magazine about this.

The site has both daily and monthly 'scopes. The monthly ones in particular seem over-generalized and common sense advice ridden.

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Apparently not as this Quebecois site shows, in French. With biorhythms, 'scopes in French, Sexoscope, fortune telling and other weird stuff, you may want to learn French, non? Wild off-beat 'scopes, but no special features. Unreviewed sites due to inconvenience, payment required, or other characteristics I didn't like. Horoscope Free.

Daily Horoscope, June 4, 12222: Spiritual awakening for Taurians; here's the astrology prediction

Sally Brompton New York Post. The classic sidebar click on your sign. Top Horoscope Sites Reviewed. Annotated for your convenience -- No Wagering! Nearly all people who've walked the Earth know the emotion of shame, as it's part of how humans keep one another in line. LEO July Aug. One way that love comes through is when you notice that you miss someone. When you recognize the pangs of longing as a form of love, it will add a little sweetness to the bitterness. You'll be punctual without a witness, virtuous without a reason, vigilant without a threat. You're not out to impress anyone. You do what you do because it makes you stronger, healthier and more self-reliant.

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If you didn't have an artistic eye, you wouldn't be drawn to beautiful things. If you're willing to experiment a bit, you'll soon find the right outlet to work through the raw material stirring in your mind and spirit.

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For your sign, charisma just comes with the territory. Only now, with Venus sliding into your part of the sky, your natural gift gets supercharged. You'll soon be fielding more interest. You may feel responsible for the happiness of your boss, partner, child, friend or any number of other people around you, though you're actually only responsible for one person's happiness, and that's your own.

The best way to avoid letting guilt run your life is not to do anything bad. But since everyone makes mistakes, the next best way is to contribute as much good as possible to balance those out. Everyone has to do things they don't want to do from time to time, but your schedule certainly shouldn't be chalk-full of such tasks. How can you make your own life a little friendlier to the one who has to live it?

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  • You're afraid to add to your schedule in a way that some people in your life may not relate to. But not being relatable is the whole point here — enjoying a fully formed identity outside of certain relationships and roles. Little actions get big reactions over the next 10 weeks when the details of your work excite, inspire and influence. You can turn this into money. Build slowly, and test the integrity of every choice along the way. Ideal partners and investors will come along in May. Your family and network will grow. Capricorn and Aquarius adore you.

    Your lucky numbers are: 9, 30, 1, 11 and Tales of werewolves had been around for many centuries before stories of vampires took the stage. It wasn't until the Middle Ages that the blood-sucking undead started their rise to evil infamy. In the Middle Ages, the plague decimated entire towns, sometimes leaving bloody lesions on the mouths of the afflicted, which were taken as a sign of vampirism. Other diseases of the time had the symptom of sun sensitivity that blistered the skin, adding to the certainty that vampires were real.