Introduction to hellenistic astrology

Greek astrologer recounts to us:.

As you can see, our astrological forebears suffered as much from the same human intrigues as us today. In fact, we find a fairly substantial rift exists today between the various approaches and practices. There seems to have been a distinct polarisation into two camps. Since the mid-nineties, more and more ancient texts have been translated and revealed.

Unfortunately the division seems to be growing wider and wider.

No truer words have proven themselves so accurately throughout history, "A house divided cannot stand! This has been the motivation for my quest back through the ages. To study and learn from the experience of those that have formed astrology, who shaped it to what we have today. To follow the winds and twists and rediscover those threads of continuity that is missing today. This is the question most are probably asking and is more to the point of this introduction.

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In order to answer properly however requires a closer examination of our astrological history. When starting my investigations I have to honestly admit that I was in no wise prepared for the enormous amount of historical and philosophical evidence I was to have to examine. It is a record that would and does in fact fill several volumes of books. My recapitulation here of the historical record is therefore going to be much abbreviated. I am not going to dwell in depth on the astrology before the Hellenistic period.

An Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology ~ Psy Minds

The reason being that Astrology as we know it today, where we fix an Ascendant [3] point and divide the Zodiacal circle for the purposes of analysing natal horoscope astrology , answering of questions, picking favourable times for doing things, etc, was not in existence prior to this period. This fact alone makes the Hellenistic period unique and worthy of closer examination. Before this period, Astrology was oracular in nature. That is to say that the fixed stars, constellations and planets, as well as the natural phenomena associated to them eclipses for example , were examined and interpreted as giving signs and omens concerning physical events.

Those plying the Astrologer's trade were interested in the state of the King and kingdom and there was nothing "personal" about it. However, the most noteworthy consideration about the Hellenistic period is the transformation that occurred through the synthesis of the Persian and Chaldean astrology, with Egyptian religion and astronomy, and the Greek Natural philosophy. This single event would appear to be the catalyst, which changed the oracular to the very personal. While I use the term event, I use it rather loosely here. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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An Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology

Previous Next. View Larger Image. Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of horoscopic astrology that was developed and practiced in the late Hellenistic period in and around the Mediterranean region, especially in Egypt. Related Posts.

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Horus: Egyptian God of the Sky. September 19th, 0 Comments. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Are you interested in psychedelic culture? Modern astrology has retained only the domicile rulerships and planetary exaltations; Hellenistic Astrology also had triplicity rulers, terms and faces. From a wide range of candidates, the planet best fulfilling all the necessary criteria was chosen to be the significator; its strengths, weaknesses and placement were analyzed to augur how well the native would fare in that particular life area.


The Hyleg is one such significator, and probably the best known. In modern astrology, on the other hand, a whole perplexing plethora of new aspects proliferates ad nauseam. However, there were subtleties regarding how one planet involved in an aspect beholds the other, which are mostly ignored or downplayed today.

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  • It was especially important for interpreting Mercury and Venus. Heliacal phenomena, or whether a planet was setting into or rising out of the Sun, were also considered important.

    Hellenistic Astrology

    Instead, they had other ideas and concepts, such as house joys and directional strengths. Some of the older domains and correspondences of the houses in Hellenistic Astrology are quite similar to those significations which are still used in Vedic Astrology today. I have introduced you to the classical Greek concepts of humor and temperament as they apply to the planets and signs of the zodiac throughout this section on Medical Astrology.

    Each of the seven classical planets plus the lunar nodes is allotted a certain period of time, in a certain sequence, according to a predetermined formula as applied to the natal horoscope. Truly, Hellenistic Astrology is the new kid on the block. Even those who are involved in its revival and translation are still in the process of testing out its various concepts and techniques, to sort out what is truly effective and valuable from that which is of questionable worth.

    Hellenistic Astrology and its various techniques and applications have yet to be fully evaluated and assimilated by the modern astrologer. Astrology, being ruled by Uranus, is a very individualistc science, and there are almost as many varieties of astrology as there are astrologers. There's evolutionary astrology, Uranian astrology, cosmobiology, esoteric astrology, shamanic astrology and much, much more. All of them have their various strengths and weaknesses, philosophies and approaches.