February 21 horoscope leo or leo

Make time for rest; save important decisions for another day. The moon in fellow air sign Gemini finds you in a flirtatious mood, but confusion concerning money and drama in your social life take place as Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune, making for a frustrating atmosphere today.

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Take it slow, and find ways to enjoy yourself despite the confusion. Your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, square off today, stirring insecurity and confusion. You had great plans, but they're not working out the way you expected.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

You may even be feeling lost or down. The moon in Gemini encourages you to focus on home and family.

Spend extra time doing nice things for yourself today—it's a tough moment! The moon in Gemini encourages you to stay open-minded and logical, but your mind is swirling with possibilities—and paranoias—as Jupiter squares off with Neptune. Confusion is in the air and you're not sure what to believe. Make extra time for rest and meditation. The moon in Gemini finds you reflecting on your finances—however, this isn't a great weekend to make important decisions, financial or otherwise, as over-the-top Jupiter squares off with hazy Neptune.

You believed in something that isn't working out as you expected. It's time to accept the truth and be grateful for what is. The moon is in your sign, asking you to focus on self-care, but what to do?

You're feeling confused about your direction at work, in your relationships, and life in general as Jupiter squares off with Neptune—life just isn't working out how you imagined. It's a confusing day, so take time to talk about your emotions and get some fresh air and take a long walk with a trusted friend.

The moon in Gemini encourages you to trust your intuition, but it isn't easy: There's paranoia and unease in the atmosphere as Jupiter squares off with Neptune. This is an especially confusing time for making plans, scheduling, and communication. Take it slow and catch up on rest. The moon in Gemini inspires you to socialize today, but the planet of exaggeration, Jupiter, squares off with hazy Neptune, and overwhelming feelings come up—you can't ignore your emotions any longer!

It's time to open up to change. The truth can hurt, but accepting that things aren't the way you want them is the first step toward transforming your life. What's in the stars for you in September? So we shall watch and wait and hope that her grandmother Cissy Houston does not have to repeat her past heartache.

Cissy is an early Libra and Uranus is now right on her sun.

This brings unexpected and sudden changes into our life. The new moon on Tuesday makes it a glorious time to start a new project.

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Mercury goes retrograde early on March Aries March 21 to April 20 This is the week to shake things up and make it happen. If you have been planning to get rid of an old lover or start anew, the time has arrived. Create the chaos if you must be it is time to rattle the cage. Taurus April 21 to May 20 The emotional fallout of some of your past decisions should be ignored this week as you try to move on. It is time to move forward with the knowledge that anything started now will be successful.


Daily Horoscopes: October 22, - VICE

If you stall you will just get caught up in the Mercury retrograde period starting on March 12, so take the step today. You should be heading towards a new relationship or at least a new friendship. To ignore the opportunities that are now looking you in the face would be foolish. You have the energy and wisdom to move out of your safety zone. Give it a try. Cancer June 21 to July 20 If you can look the other way this week and just move ahead on your own you will find real success.

The time has arrived to stop depending on the unreliable people that are holding you back and go alone. Once you feel the real nature of your success you will get hooked on the good life. Leo July 21 to August 20 The time has come to rethink your goals. Once you take that step you will start to feel you are in control.

What February's Leo Horoscope Means for You

Your personality is based on leadership and the time has arrived for you to recognize it. Literally toss your hat in the ring and take on a new role. Love will follow. Virgo August 21 to September 20 You are a born leader and the time has come for you to accept this fact.

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Your ability to accept new responsibility is beyond belief. Everyone knows this but you. This is the week you should perhaps take the role you were born to have and run with it. Stop wasting time on the little stuff and move on. Libra September 21 to October 20 Stop looking at your new responsibilities as pressure and you will feel better. You are totally capable of moving forward now and it is time to accept that fact.

A new friend could help you master the structure you need in your life. Try and recognize the helpers. Scorpio October 21 to November 20 It may be a challenge to let go of the past hurts but the time has arrived to do just that. The more responsibilities you can add to your social and business agendas the happier you will be. This means reorganize.