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The more information about the time of birth or other event that you know, the easier it will be to determine the moon sign. Read more Knowing your birthday, time of birth and the location of birth can give you an exact moon sign placement on an astrology chart calculator. Yet, a lot of people really don't know their exact time of birth.

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The birth time is not always recorded on birth certificates. Some people are born at home or on the ride to the hospital, and in the flurry of the situation, people may not have been paying attention to the time at the moment of birth. So there can be a variety of reasons why a person might not know their birth time making it a bit harder to figure out the exact moon sign. But with this calculator, you can get a close idea of one or two signs, if you just know your date of birth and location. Lunar Living's moon calculator uses time zones instead of cities and states.

Moon Signs & Moon Sign Compatibility

If you know your location, but you can't figure out which time zone, you can always use a search engine to track down the time zone for the birth place. People born in the Americas will be in the western time zones. People born in Australia and islands around it , Asia, most of Africa and most of Europe are the eastern time zones. Here is the time zone map to help you out.

On the map, the western time zones are indicated on the bottom with a minus sign " - ".

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Again, you may need to use your favorite search engine to track down the laws and dates for your area for the year that you were born. One last idea that might work for you if you just don't know the time.

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We recommend that you run the calculator twice using your time zone information. First, run the calculator with the time set to a. This lets you know if the moon sign changed during your day of birth. Sagittarius Moon Sign. Capricorn Moon Sign. Aquarius Moon Sign.

Moon Sign Compatibility: Here’s the Sign You Need to Date

Pisces Moon Sign. Needs a challenge but also to be babied and attended to at times. Wants a return on their emotional investment but can be a little too security-obsessed. Gemini Moon: Needs constant communication, new ideas, stimulating dialogue. Cancer Moon: Needs nurturing, safety, family and creature comforts good food, nesting, cozy clothes.

Can be fearful of abandonment and require lots of reassurance.

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Craves excitement and a conquest, someone to celebrate life with them. Strong sense of leadership that needs to be expressed. Virgo Moon: Needs order, to feel helpful and of service, mental stimulation. Likes to problem-solve and analyze, but can be anxious or worrisome. Libra Moon: Needs harmony, beauty, companionship, equality.

Planet Moon and its significance in Vedic Astrology

Hates conflict and craves a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment, tasteful clothing, fine art and a strong sense of justice. Sagittarius Moon: Needs adventure, conquests, wisdom, variety.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Attracted to worldly and open-minded people, loves to travel and have new experiences, meet people of all walks. Life should feel like a constant carnival and celebration—bores easily. Power is a turn-on, and this moon sign needs someone with firm boundaries and ambition.

Moon Sign Compatability! The BEST and WORST combinations for love with Psychic Astrologer Candace

Craves solitude and time to recharge—can be depressive or melancholy at times. Can be emotionally distant and not very nurturing. Aquarius Moon: Needs friendship, collaboration, a common cause—but this rebellious moon soon also craves a strong sense of individuality and subverting the powers that be.